Patek Philippe Replica Watches is thrilled to announce its affiliation with the renowned gastronomic Michelin Guide. This three-year worldwide venture is a natural expansion of those close ties binding the watch Manufacture along with also the world of haute cuisine for over 30 decades.

Along with its functions as official timekeeper of famous culinary competitions as well as reviewer of the planet's greatest restaurants within its own company magazine"Lettres du Brassus", Patek Philippe has adorned the wrists of most famous chefs for at least three decades. Inspired by a group of friends, both past and current surrounding over 100 Michelin stars, the Manufacture is currently expressing its close relation to the famed Michelin Guide via a new alliance. Patek Philippe along with the Michelin Guide consequently mean to work together in promoting their touchstones of excellence, enthusiasm and experience.

This long term and extensive venture is likely to create its mark on the global gastronomic scene. Each year, over 20 occasions and guides will observe haute cuisine, from Shanghai to Paris through New York and Tokyo, to mention just a few places.

Haute Horlogerie and haute cuisine discuss a similarly rigorous discipline: the caliber of a swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches and of a gourmet dish equally rely on exact alterations together with a subtle mix of heritage, creativity and credibility. Watchmakers and good chefs likewise illustrate a fascinating ability to build plenty of ingredients and components in order to produce masterpieces. Time, moreover, plays a vital part in the preparation of a elegant delicacy. As a loyal curator of period for nearly 3 years, Patek Philippe will accompany the Michelin guide on its quest to find the very outstanding talents.

Owing to the heritage of innovation and supported by innumerable horological complications devised through time, the Manufacture is continually pushing the bounds of watchmaking to carry this artwork to areas where it's never been before.‍

The experience between the world of haute horlogerie and haute cuisine, involving Patek Philippe along with the Art of Living is completely self-evident, whether in terms of their common attachment to fine workmanship, the significance placed on product quality, or the significance of terroir and traditions.
This is why Patek Philippe cultivates particular ties with the best award-winning chefs. Everything started in 1986, well before the current craze for haute cuisine, even once the brand provided its buddy Frédy Girardet a particularly engraved watch upon winning the"World's Greatest Chef" award.

The Patek Philippe Replica admired them in the time by providing every one of them an engraved watch commemorating the event. Ever since that time, Patek Philippe's group of friends has continued to rise and now contains new titles on the global gastronomy scene, for instance, Spanish chef Martín Berasategui, Edgar Bovier of both Switzerland and Julien Royer in the Auvergne region of France, all of whom were given stars in the Michelin Guide.
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